Freestyle video

A quick update how we are doing is now up on YouTube. I've decided to make it a quick, relaxing ride so I got on J out in the filed, I didn't want to take J away from his pasture friends. When he saw me with a pad and carrot stick he came walking straight to me, good sign :) We walked for a bit together than I got on him. Few minutes of walk, head down, Juliano seems relaxed. In trot he got tense a bit so we tried some figures eight, serpentines and transitions. I think he may be still a bit uncomfortable after his farrier visit on Tuesday. When he relaxed in trot we cantered a couple of laps and that was it. I got of him, he waited for me to send him away, again good sign. At the end of our short session we did Juliano's "abs workout" routine.

Enjoy! Larger video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzEG92L3n3E

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