Jumping Juliano

Juliano was never keen on jumping. He would refuse to jump and it was all a great fight when I tried to jump him few years back.

Yesterday we've had a great storm and a lot of trees fell, including one huge tree which landed in the pasture. Today our horses went to the same paddock where the tree was. I wanted to play catching game with J but he was in a very playful mood and wanted to show off. He ended up cantering in circles and jumping the tree every time he went round. It was hilarious to watch. After each lap with the jump Juliano would return to me for a treat. After he was done jumping at liberty I got on him. I wanted to see if he would be just as happy jumping with me. The jump was tiny but the attitude he gave me was amazing, I would set him up on a jump and he went for it with no hesitation. Here is a short clip:

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