Best winter ever!

Day after day we have tons of fun, is this what riding is about? For us, yes! We focus mainly on freestyle and it is paying off. Snow helped us improve our walk to canter departures. We can't do much of sideways or backing up as it is to hard in the snow, but I'm sure perfecting the upward and downward transition will came in handy in spring.

Today we went on a short hack with Joanna and Magda. We managed to canter down the field in deep snow, there was no overtaking all three horses kept distance and maintained good rhythm. After the ride horses wen't for a quick roll in the snow and we went for a cup of hot coffee.

Asia and Wisełka

Magda and Dum Dum

Me and Juliano

Boys in the snow

What a day! We have snow fall everyday now, winter of a century most say. Apparently, in this part of Poland, last winter like this was over 20 years ago. Most of my friends who don't ride are sick and tired of shoveling snow but I'm filled with joy. Riding in deep snow feels like sailing or windsurfing in high waves. Yes, it is very demanding for the horse so we do short rides and we only do freestyle, but horses love it. Especially Juliano as he loves jumping up and down anyway.

I arrived at the stables just before 2PM today so got a chance to ride both horses while the sun was shining. Juliano did great, we had so much fun. I left the speed in trot and canter up to him and focused on the way we were going. He was very responsive. Slight touch on the string and he was on the right track again. I didn't have to use the stick at all today. Well, almost :P

Pressing also got a run in the snow. I had problems at first to get him going. When you are used to a horse that canters just because you think of canter it seems like a lot of pressure if you have to squeeze another horse to get trot. It took me few minutes to get the stallion going especially in the deep snow. At first we was not thinking of going at all. He wanted to dig in the snow instead. There are a lot of things I have to get used to again, from my previous years of riding, before I got J. For example, for this horse it is easier to ride with contact. You let go of the reins and he gets lost, looses his balance. He is a great horse to ride, very obedient and willing, just different.

Riding both of the lads today just made me think how much we've changed with Juliano. How different we ride now. When you sit on a "normal" horse after doing PNH for some time you realize how good your horse really got over the years. Pressing just like Juliano is a left-brain extrovert but he does not show that under rider, so for me there is this spark of own invention missing. On the other hand he is easier to control and stop than Juliano. I hope both horses had fun in the snow today, I'm sure I did!