More Polo

We are getting better at polo. Juliano learned quickly to follow the ball but not to go directly over it. We practice polo with just savvy string on J's neck. J treats his responsibilities seriusly: don't change gait, follow the ball.

I must say that for me polo has proven to be a great way to practice focus. When you sit on a horse and you want to go to the ball you simply have to focus on it. Your body automatically turns towards the ball, the eyes on your shoulders, knees and bellybutton as Linda often says do the trick. You don't have to imagine a point on the ground, which is also great but you can easily get distracted or if you land near the spot you think "Oh well, good enough". Here you have to get to the ball, hit it and than again travel point to point.


Autumn is here - time to upgrade On-Line

It was hard to focus on on-line during summer. Heat and bugs, bugs and heat. It was much easier to go for a quick dip in the lake and horses loved the cool water after long days of sun.

Now, days are cooler and we can start working on out ground skills. So we picked up from where we left off: level 2++. Today we worked mainly on sideways, circling and than stick to me. Juliano did a great sideways in trot. Circling was a bit tricky cause J was full of energy, bucking and all. I was very pleased with stick to me at liberty. Juliano followed me around the field in trot, stopped when I stopped. Than he left me for a great big circle of gallop, but to my surprise trotted back to me after one lap.

Great day!