Warm and sunny Christmas

Even thought Christmas Eve is tomorrow it feels almost like spring here. It's warm and sunny so we continue riding outside. I secretly wish for one day of snow but maybe it's for the best.

Juliano was a bit annoyed with the whole world this past week and yesterday was the first day he wanted company and wanted to do things. I got on him and we went for a spin around the arena.


Tomorrow we will go for a walk into the woods as part of our Christmas tradition. We wish you a very Marry Christmas and as much time as possible with horses.


Juliano freestyle transitions Dec 2013

A quick movie from our ride today. There was only a short strip of dry sand to practice transitions as rest of the arena is covered with mud.


Just a quick video update from October.



Yesterday we went for a walk with Juliano, Dum Dum, Magda and her dogs into the woods. It was pitch black but as we know this forest quite well we've decided to give it a go, we could always turn back.

Juliano was walking in front of me and leading the way.  As we walked deeper into the woods it got darker and darker and we got to a point where we could literary not see a thing.I could just as well close my eyes and it would be the same. Even though I was holding on to Juliano's rope I couldn't distinguish weather I was on the right track or am I going to walk into a tree. Few quick thoughts - turn back, look for Magda, stop and I was on a verge of panicking. I quickly caught up to Juliano, grabbed his tail and allowed him to lead me through the forest. This blind walk lasted for few minutes until Juliano turned onto a field where we could finally see silhouettes of trees, dogs etc. From there the road led through less dense forest so we could continue walking, giggling and talking with Magda.

After we got home I was thinking about why I trusted Juliano so much and why the second I have reached for his tail I got calm. Maybe it's because he walked rhythmically, he was confident and didn't spook or hesitate once. If he would jump in fear even once I would be completely lost. Maybe that's the secret behind trust, you have to be calm and steady to be trusted. You can't demand trust, you can offer your confidence and in time earn trust. As they say "It's a delight to trust somebody so completely". Juliano got me out of trouble in his, animal world. If we switch roles, I should be able to do the same for him in out human world. Hmmm... how interesting, when we walk through the village I always lead, as we set foot in the forest Juliano want's to walk first. Coincidence?

It was a very interesting experience and I recommend it to everyone who thinks horses are spooky for no reason at all. Think what pushes you out of your comfort zone, maybe it something as simple as a forest at night. Now who is the spooky one?