Freestyle update

After the long winter of freestyle in the snow I now get to see the results. Juliano is more relaxed in canter, we can finally do the canter-trot transition. I'm going to repeat myself, but this was very hard for us. Juliano is so forward going it is hard to convince him to canter slowly, let alone go down to trot. It's not always perfect but we are getting there fast. I also convinced Magda to ride Dum on a savvy sting for the first time in the paddock.


Juliano is 14!

Today is Juliano's birthday. He is 14! Can you believe it? He still acts like a two-year-old :)

It was day off for birthday boy, of course. He got a Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Ball and spent the day with his pasture mates playing with balls with treats inside.

Happy birthday Juliano!


First time out after injury

I turned Juliano out today to a small paddock, alone. I didn't want to risk him going crazy with other horses as the new skin over the wound is still quite thin. He bucked and reared a bit but to be honest I expected a bit more. Over these days of box rest and looking after him Juliano started acting a bit like a baby, looking for affection more than independence.



I go to see Juliano twice a day to take him for a walk and to visit his equine friends. He can't go out alone as he could tear the stitches and his fresh wound open. He is quite upset when he is alone and he sees his pasture mates go out. He calls a lot :(

The wound is healing fast but we have to wait for few more days before we can take the stitches out.