Great white ... stallion

As from today I have another horse to ride and look after for a month and a half - my friend's 6 year old stallion called Pressing. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. He is ridden in a classical way so that's how I will ride, but we will try to learn some gound skills in the meantime. I'm glad Juliano's halter fits him, cause on his stable headcollar I'm sure he would drag me behind like a kite.

Speaking of on-line mishap, just remembered a funny scene from last winter. We were doing some circling in the indoor arena, which was filled with other people riding. I was not looking at Juliano, talking to a friend, he was supposed to be trotting around. Juliano spooked at the sound of snow falling for the roof and started running towards the other end of the arena. He pulled me, I tripped and fell. I couldn't let go of the rope as my friend was riding a stallion J hates. So I got dragged 20m on my belly. So just like in windsurfing in horse riding we can also do a body drag :)

Back to the great-white stallion here are some photos for you to see what I'm dealing with form now on :)

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