Trail ride in the snow

Here is a short film from our last walk in the woods :)


  1. Marta, I finished reading ALL of your blog. I enjoyed reading; you have a gift for writing. Your relationship with Juliano is very interesting; you sometimes made me smile and laugh. I really like the way you communicate and try to understand J - it's how you BOTH find your happiness. I find this all very interesting because you have a relationship with Juliano the way I dream of for my wife and our Akbar. I want to learn Natural Horsemanship so I can help my wife find her happiness, just like you and J. Maybe, just maybe, something you learned can help me help my wife. I can't even ride our Akbar... I'm a tiny bit too big at 100kg. :-) But that's OK; a happy Olena and Akbar is all I need. So please continue your writing; it's a pleasure.

    I saw your story in Savvy Times, nice! Oh, and don't worry... I think, secretly, Juliano likes your soup. :-) Sean T.

  2. Thank you Sean for these kind words. I never thought our relationship would come so far. I will continue writing and sharing what I've learned from Juliano. Please say Hello to your wife and Akbar from me and I'm sure you all will have great fun learning Natural Horsemanship. It is an amazing journey.