Juliano the Stallion

For past few months of summer I wondered where did the stallion in Juliano go. He was gelded at the ago of 8 so from time to time he remembers good, old times and turns into this crazy, wild stallion. But this didn't happen for a while. Is it that he is older or maybe he settled so much his spirit also went down automatically? Well, little did I know, thought the "beast" inside was idle for a while, he's now back, full strength.

Usually his herd consists of Juliano, Dum (another gelding) and four mares. Few days ago, three out of four mares came into season. So Juliano was busy for few days jumping from mare to mare. It was interesting to watch herd dynamics change. Dum, best friend was now the worst enemy. By the way poor Dum, he was so lonely and every time he tried to as much as look at one of the mares Juliano gave him the "Schwiegermutter" look.

It all came to a point that I couldn't ride or play with J one day cause he was too tired from all the covering, prancing and bossing around. I even had problems taking photos of him as girls were surrounding him all the time.

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