Level 2++ pass :)

We have officially passed our Level 2 with Juliano, huray! Now it’s time to move on to the fun and challenging Level 3.

Freestyle L2 comments:
You are very close to level 3, great balance and fluidity! Just focus on doing more of the Level 3 patterns and getting your phases of turning more snappy (where you don’t have to use your stick often). Also, don’t release your aids for indirect and direct until your horse has put a lot of effort in.

On-line L2 comments:
I can tell you have a good relationship and clear conversation happening between you and your horse. To progress towards level 3, do things at faster gaits, using more of your rope, in particular your circling and sideways games. For circling, stay in neutral, showing your horses responsibilities.”

A long and tricky road lead to where we are now. Being an ex-race horse Juliano was very impulsive, every sudden move in the saddle ended up in canter or gallop. When he got confused he run. When he run I got out of balance so he run even more. At some point I thought, there is no way we are going to settle. I watched other horses and classical riders at our stables and envied the way they could just canter slowly and than stop. Now the impossible became possible. We sorted out our impulsion issues with thousands of bulls-eyes and consistency. Juliano switched from Right Brain Extrovert the Left Brain Extrovert, and OH BOY no more consistency, it’s time for creativity.

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