I've been away for almost a week and both Juliano and I got much needed vacation. He spent whole days in the pasture, I went windsurfing, hiking and mushroom picking. I had daily reports from my stable friends on how Juliano is doing and I can see a certain pattern. When I'm away Juliano is very obedient, calm and quiet. Like he is not there. He goes out, comes in, gets his feed and days flow. When I come back he has this one day of joy and craziness in him. He is very exuberant, mischievous and "naughty".

This time, when I came back on Sunday he was like living fire. Shouting from his stall whenever I left him. Observing my every move. We went on a slow trail ride with Magda and Juliano didn't know what to do with his energy, he would do this beautiful suspended trot and toss his head. He was also quite jealous because when we were getting ready for our hack he attacked Dum for getting closer to me. Hmmmm, how interesting. I wonder what is going to happen after I leave him for a month next year to go to Pagosa.

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