Juliano is a super horse!

I'm still smiling after today's ride in the woods. I went on a hack with Juliano and an Arabian gelding called Eparol. Both horses used to race so you can only imagine what could happen on a long straight trail in the wood if both horses decided to have a little race.

Juliano was leading and he was quite energetic but instead of going fast he would go more up, he was very exuberant in his trot and in canter he would collect himself. I could feel his energy but it was more of a playful, fun energy. It was quite windy so there were times when I felt Juliano was loosing confidence, but a gentle stroke on his neck and me saying "It's OK"and he would march on as nothing was happening. He was very brave. He also went through paddles which is very rare for him.

You probably wonder why I call Juliano a super horse after just a simple hack. Well to ride an off-track TB on a windy day on a trail and have a calm ride is pretty amazing. Today I didn't use reins of the hackamore to control J, we did all our transitions just with my energy going up or down. Juliano also did a canter-stop transition which made my day. Canter-stop transition on a long, straight path, without using reins - I have a super horse :)

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