Great day!

Today we've had a perfect ride. We started off on a 22" line with few games to get Juliano into a more collected and settled state of mind. From the first moment I saw Juliano at his stall today I knew he is very playful and a bit naughty. He finished his lunch and wanted to go out immediately he was very anxious. That's why I wanted to check him out on-line first.

We started off with a falling leaf pattern. We did 4-5 changes of direction and in the middle of the 5 change Juliano stopped and dropped to the ground and decided to roll. I found that very funny. The ground was freshly harrowed and I guess he just couldn't resist it.

Look at J's face on this photo, this is a very dominant J

After that we continued with the pattern and few seconds later I had Juliano's eyes and mind. I got on and was surprised how obedient and responsive he was. We played with sideways here, sideways there. Than Juliano did the most calm and collected walk-canter, canter-walk transitions. He was truly magnificent. I got off and Juliano followed me to the pasture at liberty.

And here you have sweet J


  1. Don't you just love days like that!

    Yesterday was a beautiful day here at the Parelli campus, I jumped on Sienna bareback and went for a trail ride. (she is getting more confident about it being just me and her), We cantered up a beautiful green meadow together and it felt like a choir should have been singing in the background it was really wonderful.

  2. Yes, these are the days when you think "life is just perfect" :)