Liberty Day 2

Today I walked into the field, where Juliano was grazing with his friends, to fix our round corral after a windy night. As I was moving the posts and fixing the tape I saw Juliano walk toward the round corral. He walked in and stopped in the middle with a face saying "What are we going to do today?". I took it as a great compliment and stood there with him for a while enjoying his company.

After our long friendly game I checked the things we've learned yesterday:
  • Stick to me was even better
  • Following the feel was much better
  • Figure 8 was starting to take shape
  • Juliano even offered side-ways without a fence, jupii

I was focusing on J so hard I didn't even notice that few of his pasture friends we trying to get into the corral. As Justyna was also there and her horse (Lama) wanted to join Juliano in the corral we've let her in.

Juliano greeting Lama in the corral

Now I had 2 horses to play with. It was great fun. Lama is a young left brain horse, she is curious what makes her a fast learner. I sent both horses on a circle a couple of times. Juliano would make one lap and join me in the center, Lama would continue and than come in. Soon I realized Juliano would rather stand with me and watch Lama run around. It was amazing how glued he was to me. Great day!

Both horses on the circle

Now only Lama

Juliano with me, Lama on the circle

Justyna with Lama

Me and Juliano

Lama enjoying a scratch

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