Mushroom picking with Juliano

It was raining cats and dogs all day today and the first thought in a Polish mind when it's raining in autumn is - mushrooms! I arrived at the stables and Juliano was clearly ready to go out and do something. So we've decided to take our horses mushroom picking with us. I took Juliano and headed into the woods with Wojtek and Eparol. Both horses were following us through trees, bushes and some very uneven ground. There were a lot of situations where we all had to squeeze under very low branches. Both Juliano and Eparol soon learned to follow our footsteps and avoid going on the other side of trees. They also learned not to step on mushrooms. Juliano has contributed to mushroom picking by putting grass into the bucket. Every time I would put a mushroom into the bucket he would put his mouth full of grass in it to check on our progress.

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  1. Oh, look at all those wonderful mushrooms. When I was a kid in Germany, my grandma, mom and me would go "mushroom hunting". My favorite receipe is to cut them in slices, heat them up with butter, a little salt and pepper and parsley, let it simmer and then add heavy cream to it. Serve it with bread dumplings... Hmmm!!!!!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor
    Parelli Central