Play Day Saturday

This Saturday worked out just great. I wanted to ride, but Juliano was in a playful mood and Magda wasn't in a mood to ride, so two words "Play Day" and we were running around gathering our big balls, tarps and other scary gizmos. Our little Play Day had an unexpected big turnout as Justyna joined us with her two mares, Kamila took Eparol and Impet and Marta brought Drezyna.

Juliano and Dum decided to test our Liberty. There were a lot of toys in the paddock so at one point of our finger Juliano and Dum would go to the tarp or one of the balls. At one point they started fighting over the tarp and than started ripping it to shred. The green ball was also very popular. Most of our horses feared the ball so much they would not approach it, they would keep at least 20-50 meter distance depending on the horse. Not today, today all our horses loved the green ball. Juliano is getting better and better at playing "hoofball" with it. He kicks it, then follows, then kicks it again.

At the end Juliano made all of us cry. We also have a jumping ball for kids with two horns on it. Juliano grabbed the ball by one of it's horns and started tossing it around while still holding it. Than he started putting it on Lama's back just like I put the green ball on his. In the end Juliano wanted to hit Dum Dum with the ball but he lost grip and let go. The ball flew up in the air couple of meters and landed on Juliano's rump. Julino was shocked, jumped and then blamed Dum for the whole thing. It was so funny I couldn't hold the camcorder still.


  1. Marta, you have to post that video...I was laughing out loud just reading it, I would love to see it :0)

    Sharon Tiesdell Smith
    Parelli Central

  2. Marta, I found your blog today - wonderful! In early October my wife and I bought a Ukrainian Saddle horse (Dnepr farm). He is named Akbar, 3-1/2 y/o stallion. He's a young RBE, ALL black (beautiful), intelligent, 'vridninki' :-) (RU) and very handsome boy. Mama is the horse girl. Papa knows very little about horses but is trying to learn - I want to be able to help with Akbar. Anyway, you write very well and your English is excellent. I'm watching and learning, (Parelli, youtube, blogs). I will read all of your blog! I will certainly learn some new things from your writing and have fun enjoying your stories. Thank You! - Sean T.

  3. Dear Sean,

    I'm very happy you enjoy my blog :) Good luck with Akbar, please let me know how it goes.

    Best wishes,