Bonding with the herd

Last night we had plenty of rain. Finally our horses could go out to some fresh grass and cool air. I didn't want to spoil Juliano's fun with the gang besides he looked like chocolate Easter bunny, covered with a thick crust of mud. I've decided to have a quick bareback ride. I got on him on the large paddock with other 5 horses surrounding us. I wanted to make our session more about my focus and using the "eyes" on my belly-button and knees more than anything. We did great, few minutes in trot and canter, doing a figure 8 in between two trees. I didn't use the string, so big success, just the focus. I than allowed J to walk up to his friend and the most amazing thing happened. I started scratching J on the neck, he did the same to the other horse and the other horse started scratching my leg. This was our herd moment. Amazing that horses are willing accept us as part of their herd!

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