You will see true harmony in their eyes - day 2

It is my 5th day here at Stoneleigh. Each day is a long and exciting one and each day I seem to be more and more amazed by human-horse relationships that I see up close.

There are over 40 Parelli Professionals here at Royal Festival of the Horse. Most of them brought their horses with them. Every spare minute I have from helping with organizing the show I turn to the demo arena for inspiration, to take photos and observe what's going on. I'm astonished by the atmosphere in the demos. Each human-horse pair is happy, focusing on each other and having great fun. One thing that struck me while reviewing the photos I took the previous day was that both instructors and with their horses have the same face expression when they play. True harmony and partnership! Just have a look:

Kim and her fjord

Sarah and Mouse

Franco and his gorgeous haflinger/arabian cross gelding

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