A week of Parelli

In the modern society we operate through rules and regulations, DOs and DONTs. Whereas with a horse we should communicate through feel, love, language and leadership. To work out the way to combine both human and horse instincts is a true art.

This week here in the UK brought me together with people from all over the World that not only apply this concept to horse-human relations but also to human-human ones. Working with Pat, Linda, instructors and volunteers showed me how natural and how positive toward others they are. Organizing an event like this is surely a stressful and demanding job but everywhere I looked people were smiling and working as a team. It was a true pleasure to work with them and we had great fun.

At the end of my stay, after Gold Summit, I had a chance to show Linda some photos of Juliano and have a chat with Pat. To be able to share my and Juliano's journey with them just made my day.

I'm still trying to re-live the whole week. It was so intensive in learning and observing that it blended into one huge memory. I'm sure I will be going back to some experiences in the couple of next days and I will post them here for sure. Until than, keep it natural!

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