Time apart

Things are going better than ever with Juliano. I was worried that this time apart when I was in the UK would upset J and we will have to take few steps back in our relationship. But luckily I was wrong. Our Liberty is better than ever and our Freestyle mojo is back. Yesterday we went for a quick spin bareback with a Savvy String on J's neck. He did beautiful canter-stop transitions and he did them with me just bringing my energy down, I didn't have to touch the string once. We than played with sideways a bit. This also is starting to work out without touching the string, jupiee.

So how does this time apart really work. I started thinking and I noticed I've changed after seeking Pat live and after talking to Parelli instructors. I came back with even more patience, better timing and I'm more focused than ever. I know what to isolate and work with each day and I know when to quit.

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  1. Good for you, Marta, and even better for Juliano :-)
    Keep up the good play!

    Petra Christensen
    1Star Parelli Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central