Testing Parelli rope strength - unconventional way

You newer know when your Horsemanship equipment may come in handy. Yesterday I've had a chance to test strength of 22"ft rope. My good friend called me in the morning "I run out of petrol in the middle of the woods, I'm in the stables now but I won't be able to tow it today as I'm going away for the day. Can you bring some gas with you to the stables and move the car for me as it is blocking the forest road". I said OK, sounds pretty simple. Boy, was I wrong! When I got to the car with fuel it wouldn't start, and did I mention it is a Mercedes G Klasse which ways 2,5 tons with all the tools inside. Well, I couldn't leave the car there so I decided to tow it with my Ford Focus. I went back to the stables to get my car and look for a rope. Of Course no one had a tow rope. I was thinking what to use and than - eureka, a 22"ft Parelli rope looks perfect for the job. But will it hold?

After a while I was back in the woods, Focus in the front, G Klasse behind and the rope in between. I started towing, slowly, listening for sounds of a braking rope. It turns out both the rope and Ford did just fine. The rope held a 2.5 ton car and what's more the forces on the rope must have even bigger as the forest rode was quite rough. Well done both to my car and 22" ft rope!

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