Freestyle - all systems check

I finally got my saddle out, it was covered in dust. 1 month went by and all we did with Juliano was liberty and bareback riding - it was simply too hot. I didn't have a specific plan for that day only to check if all "systems" still worked. To my surprise the breaks were working better than ever - canter/walk/back-up transitions perfect.

  • Breaks - check

  • Steering - check

  • Gears - check

As all the systems were in place and Juliano was in a positive state of mind I've decided to give jumping a go. Juliano was always sceptical about going over jumps, he would squeeze in between two verticals of a square oxer, he would back up to a jump but he would refuse to go over. I think the underlying cause of our problem was my fear. I would ask Juliano to go over a jump but in my body I was saying stop before it. Clever horse, he knew better than me what I wanted. Today was different, today he was jumping like crazy. He felt my confidence.

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