I see friendly game everywhere

It was a great sunny afternoon and we've decided to go on a hack with Magda and her horse Dum Dum. Last year during summer we would go to the lake with our horses almost every day, but this year Dum got sick so this was our first chance to go swimming. When we've reached the lake Dum immediately went in, he literary dragged Magda into the lake. Juliano wanted to eat grass first but when he saw Dum going for the reeds he decided it's a much better treat for him and followed. We were both sitting on our horses in the water, we were talking and our horses were going over another patch of reeds when someone on the shore started to beat sand out of a blanket. There was a print of a large dog on the blanket. Juliano was afraid and got tense, but the man continued. He than picked another blanket and by the time he finished with it Juliano was back to eating reeds, totally relaxed like nothing happened. What a great friendly game :)

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